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Premier Bank International Edu Fest 2019
✔️ 30 World Class Universities
✔️ 8 Mesmerizing Countries
✔️ Free Entry

International Education Consortium of Bangladesh – IECB presents to you the golden opportunity to speak to representatives of 30 prominent universities from 8 different countries all under one roof at Hotel InterContinental Dhaka.

You deserve the best of everything and IECB understands that. IECB understands the struggle of the students who want to go abroad but is unsure about the COST, QUALITY & OPPORTUNITIES offered by a particular country. At Premier Bank International Edu Fest 2019, you will be able to speak to DIRECT REPRESENTATIVES who will not only answer your queries but also give you SCHOLARSHIP options at their universities. What makes this event so great is the CHOICES that you can explore. From speaking to the many representatives of different universities and countries who will be there for you, you can find the PERFECT MATCH for you.

So if you don’t want to waste your valuable time and money by studying for your next qualification at just any university, aim for the best and be present at the Premier Bank International Edu Fest 2019. 
✔️ No File Opening Charge*
✔️ Special discount on service charge
✔️ Up to 100% Scholarship Opportunities 
✔️ On the spot Offer Letter*
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