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Algonquin College University Overview

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Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is a renowned public College located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Algonquin College is a publicly funded English-language college.

It was founded in 1967. The College was ranked in the top 50 among Canadian research colleges. This is an international institution where students come from more than 100 countries and complete their higher education.

Algonquin College is recognized as one of Canada's top innovation colleges. Algonquin College is a member of Polytechnics Canada.

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Why Choose Algonquin College as your first choice

Algonquin College is an international institution that provides courses and certificates and the College makes its students highly competitive in the professional area. This is a research-based College.

The college has its reputation in Canada. The survey shows that about 95% of Algonquin College students get employment within 6 months of passing college. The academy allows several research facilities for the students with many more advantages like

  • The College labs are filled up with world-class facilities. Online library service is available for 24 hours. Furthermore, the library has some special facility rooms for impaired and special needs students.
  • Huge opportunities for getting scholarships.
  • The College is well known for research work and innovation support.
  • Studying from anywhere in the world is allowed in College.
  • Studying as a part-time student is allowed and more than 65% of students are part-time students.
  • Algonquin College provides more than 180 programs in 8 different faculties.
  • Graduates enjoy one of the highest employment rates of all Ontario colleges at 95 per cent.
Reasons to Go Algonquin College

Algonquin College has a rich history of spreading knowledge in Canada. Algonquin College started its journey by establishing three major colleges: College of Applied Arts and Technology,

established in 1965, Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology (established in 1957), and the Ontario Vocational Centre Ottawa established in 1965.

History origin

The College campus has a modern facility and green surroundings. The College campus has three major sites and those are

  • Algonquin College Waterfront Pembroke Campus.
  • ACCE and Robert C. Gillett Student Commons.
  • The DARE District and AC Library.

Algonquin College has four international campuses through their international offshore partnerships

  • Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) – Faridabad, India.
  • Algonquin College (Orient Education Services Co) – Al-Naseem, Jahra, Kuwait.
  • Hotelski Educative Centar (HEC) in Montenegro.
  • Jiangsu Maritime Institute (JMI) in Nanjing, China.
Exquisite Algonquin College Campus

The campus security team works 24/7 for student security and if you face any problem, you can report to the campus website.To implement skills and abilities among the students, the College released a very popular newspaper.

The college started publishing a magazine named Glue Magazine in 2003. Apart from studyadvantage and equipment, there are many sources for entertainment and recreation such as debate club, music club, indoor games, cultural programs.

Sports section- The Men's and Women's teams in basketball, soccer, and volleyball can qualify to compete for a "National Championship". The name of Algonquin College's sports team is the“Algonquin Thunder” and the mascot name is “Thor the Wolf”.

In August 2003, the Woodroffe Campus Residence Complex opened. Around 1,050 students stay there. The College has its residential hall with many facilities. First of all, students from different countries come to study and live in the College hall.

Many second-year students live near the College called Deerfield. The Pembroke Campus has a housing registry. Full-time students have a transit pass included in their tuition fees to facilitate off-campus living.

Therefore, it would be a great opportunity to learn about various countries, cultures, religions, and languages.

Student Accommodation

The College offers different sorts of scholarships and fundings for overseas students. The students who are highly geniuses and present brilliant performances would easily get scholarships.

Though you can not show something extraordinary, you still have a chance to get a good amount of funding since the College offers scholarships for full-time undergraduate international students.

Furthermore, Algonquin College proposes different categories of 680 scholarships for different students. Such as

  • Algonquin College scholarships for Aboriginal.
  • First Nations .
  • Métis students.
  • Ottawa Police Service's Thomas G. Flanagan Scholarship.
  • Hospitality Bursary.
  • Military.
Scholarships for International Students

The College also offers current students with funding opportunities to study internationally on a variety of Research, language and student exchange programs.

Generally, the ranking of a College is published in two forms: national and international position. The national ranking of Algonquin College is 82 and holds the top 50 positions as research-based College ranking in Canada.

Algonquin College is a top-ranked college in the world for its education system and quality as well. For instance, the worldwide recognized Best Global College ranking shows that the Continental Ranking is 1195 and the global ranking of Algonquin College is 6099.

 Algonquin College World Ranking

After completing higher secondary education or graduation in Bangladesh students seek a world recognised College in Canada for gathering further higher education.

They face difficulties as they do not have proper information about entry requirements, scholarships and details like Foundation entry, Undergraduate entry, Postgraduate entry, and Research entry.

To provide a clear way to reach your desired destination or to sort out the best possible way SANGEN is the Algonquin College Representative in Bangladesh.

If you are in Dhaka or any parts of the country, don’t hesitate, just give a call and visit our website Sangen Edu.

Opportunities For Bangladeshi Student

Algonquin College has a great range of outstanding members in the alumni community.

  • Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, Prime Minister of Somalia.
  • Michael Barrett, Member of Parliament for Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes.
  • Jon Cassar, Emmy-winning producer and director of the TV series 24.
  • Zdeno Chára, former Boston Bruins captain and current Washington Capitals player.
  • Janice Dean, Fox News weather specialist.
  • Larry O'Brien, former Mayor of Ottawa and technology entrepreneur.
  • Tim Tierney, City of Ottawa Councillor, Beacon Hill-Cyrville.
  • Anthony Rota, Member of Parliament for Nipissing—Timiskaming, Speaker of the House of Commons.
Notable Alumni

Apart from these excellent members, the alumni also have numerous notable academicians, politicians, sportsmen, journalists, actors, Poet, Novelist and many more others.

They offer some demandable courses that may assist you in your bright professional life. Algonquin undergraduate and graduate degree programs are 155 Ontario college programs, 18 apprenticeship programs, 16 co-op programs, 6 collaborative degree programs and 6 bachelor's degree programs.

Algonquin offers the following bachelor's degree programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • Bachelor of Public Safety (Honours).
  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours).
  • Bachelor of Building Science (Honours).
  • Bachelor of Information Technology–Network Technology.
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honours).
  • Bachelor of Commerce (E-Supply Chain Management) (Honours).
  • Bachelor of Early Learning and Community Development (Honours).
Algonquin College Specialise Courses

Algonquin College offers a variety of services to the public at a discounted rate. By providing this service, the College allows its students to get hands-on and apply their study in practical life. The services given by the students are:

  • Dental services.
  • Restaurant & Delivery services.
  • Catering services.
  • Hair Salon services.
  • Pet Adoption
Services Provided by the Students to the Public
FAQ of Algonquin College

Looking for admission at Algonquin College is relatively a competitive process. The college has a total full-time population of 19,957 students yet more than 4,000 international students enrol in various programs who are from over 130 countries.

The Work Permit access can only be used for work that is essential to the program of study. The permit will list you as the employer and willl authorize you to complete work that is essential to your program ONLY.

Before going to Algonquin College, you must be have required skill in English because you are going from a country where English is not the primary language, you have to maintain IELTS 6.5 with no band lower than 6.0.

Your application letter will be sent to you within 3-5 working days as well as It is your responsibility to request your letter in advance.

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