Southwest Medical University is a medical university in Luzhou, Sichuan, China.

The school was first established in 1951 as Southern Sichuan Doctors’ School. In 1958, the school was renamed as Luzhou Specialist School of Medicine. In 1978, it was authorized to grant bachelor’s degrees and changed its name to Luzhou Medical College.

 The university has two campuses: Zhongshan and Chengbei, covering 1,004,700 square meters in total.

The approximate 17,000 students who typically occupy the college at any one time are from a wide variety of Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and many come from other countries. The staff number at around 2,560, with 520 of them being onsite professors or associate professors whose focus includes Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and a hybrid combination of the two.

Facility wise, the college has five non-subordinating hospitals and 39 teaching hospitals with a total of 15,500 patient beds.