SANGEN Edu Ltd. is a government registered renowned consultancy firm in Bangladesh. This organization was established in 2008. We are one of the most famous “Worldwide Admission and Student Consultant Services” in Bangladesh. Recently, we have received the “Best Educational Consultant Award” for foreign admissions success. We send students and professionals for higher education and training almost all over the world. Meanwhile, we have successfully operated our activities in the countries those are considered as the “heaven for students & professionals”, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Canada, Finland, South Africa, India, Romania, and other European countries.



We arrange seminars entitled “Study in China” every year in various locations in the country. The Managing Director of Senge, Monirul Islam, is our key speaker, who is also a leading foreign education specialist in Bangladesh. His meaningful discussion encompasses the quality of contemporary Chinese education, requirements to get admission, and other necessary pros-and-cons of obtaining scholarship those are from the Chinese government in aid of the International students. China Education Expo arranged by our reputed the organization invites the delegates of the renowned and our partner Universities of China to represent their educational institutions. Our well-organized team works here as a bridge—provides information to the students and help to get admission in the respective universities. The Foreign Admission and Career Development Consultants Association of Bangladesh (FACD CAB) arranges the International Education Expo. We participate in this expo every consecutive year as a proud member of the FACD CAB.



Likewise other reputed organizations, we have some mottos to
fulfill and goals to achieve.
• To encourage and support the students to get overseas’ degree in China, the
The UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, India, and Europe.
• To provide up-to-date information and course details of the universities and the necessary information about study abroad through a free counseling service.
• To help the students finding a quick and easy but a
more cost-effective way for study in the universities of the above-mentioned countries.
• To give a platform to the students for getting a world-class education and become successful in the competitive world.
• To provide the information about the scholarship program in specific universities in China and other countries.
• To provide the services for admission and after admission. Our care and concern continue from start to end. We offer first-hand assistance to students studying in China’s institutions, including airport pickup services, arranging accommodations, and even opening bank accounts. We stay in regular contacts with our students and liaise with universities as well as parents in monitoring students’ academic progress.


Our paramount vision is to nurture and serve our students to achieve
their goals and fulfill their dreams. We want to provide our students with the best education service possible, and a wanted and meaningful life. Their every success in life is our sole accomplishment. We want to provide proper guidance to the students, to choose a better career and to reach the zenith of achievement.


FACD CAB MEMBERSHIP: SANGEN Edu Ltd. is a member of FACD CAB (Foreign Admission and Career Development Consultants Association of Bangladesh) since 2009. Our Managing Director Monirul Hoque was the Ex-Joint Organizing Secretary of FACD CAB from 2015 to 2017, and currently, he is adorning the Organizing Secretary chair. FACD-CAB was established in 2005 in a view to bringing all firms offering foreign admissions and career development services in Bangladesh under one umbrella. In addition, the organization’s aim was to establish a proper guideline for the firms’ operations, which would make both the clients and the businesses feel at ease regarding this specific kind of service.


Our prominent services are quite popular among the students and
professionals who are familiar with our norm and ideals. A wide
range of facilities and services we offer to our clients.
• We provide options to apply for multiple courses for multiple
• We help you to prepare and submit all necessary documents.
• We help to prepare a study plan (Statement of Purpose) and
reference letter
• We provide visa guidance for visa formalities, help you to fill
the visa application, provide you complete assistance in all visa
procedures and ensuring you to submit the right document for
your visa, and personal interview guidance.
• We keep up-to-date information about all our countries where we
send our students.
• Our counselors evaluate results, financial abilities and other
factors, and suggest several suitable universities according to
the evaluation and circumstances.


OUR EXCLUSIVENESS: Only a few factors among many others are enough to
demonstrate why we are exceptional and reputed in this field:
• We are the authorized representative of many Chinese universities
in Bangladesh. We are also the authorized representative of many
universities in India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and
other European countries.
• We have experienced and professional counselors to
make your voyage more pleasant. We assist with the
expert knowledge throughout the whole admission
• We help through every step of the admission and
accommodation, advice to choose the right program and
university, help to prepare documents, apply on behalf of
the students, medical service, embassy service, air ticket,
airport pickup, and provide ongoing service throughout
study life in China.
• We take care of our students along with their
journey to the university by providing resident
coordinator on the campus.
• We share our expert knowledge about study in China,
India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe and create
a strong bond with the students in their needs.
• 10 years of experience in working with different

foreign universities.
We have more than thousands of satisfied students since Sangen’s establishment in provide all-in-all service, indeed!


Every year, we assist more than 200 students for their desired universities.
We have expanded our services to one-to-one career counseling as well as choosing and selecting courses and universities for higher studies. We arrange resident coordinators in the foreign university campuses to support our students’ day-to-day needs. We also analyze and sort out the application requirements for processing, assisting, and resolving credit transfer or exceptions. We also provide visa guidance, assist in visa application, and even arrange the accommodations for our students there.
It definitely makes their lives easier and comfortable in foreign settings, which eventually help to boost up their confidence to do well in their competitive degrees. We make an effective bridge between the student and the university. More than thousands of our students are studying in different universities and subjects in China.

OUR SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION: SANGEN Edu Ltd. always works for the wellbeing of society. Every year we provide winter clothes to the unprivileged people. We broadcast a public awareness program called “Sangen Bishawjoy” through Radio 71. We also telecast a program on Channel 9, which is a public awareness program too specifically about foreign education. We provide free services and scholarships to the poor and meritorious orphan students. We provide a fund to the two poor medical students to attain their MBBS degrees in China.


We would like to congratulate you for choosing SANGEN as your companion and mentor! We are grateful to you. You may be pleased by hearing that we are there beside you at any time in your needs—woes, and complications, even to help you in translating your dreams into reality. I firmly believe many of you may not have a clue of deciding the ideal destination and/or a suitable program. It happens due to lack of proper knowledge in the practical field. I know you are fostering many dreams deep inside your hearts those are yet to come into being. One of the most important decisions that can change your life forever is the decision to go abroad for study purpose. We offer quality-counseling services to assist you to reach the gateway of the leading foreign universities in the world. Meanwhile, you may know, we have earned reputations in placing students across the globe: in China, India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and in Europe. With our expertise in education and immigration, we are constantly assisting our students with admissions as well as scholarships at recognized Chinese universities as well as different universities of numerous countries. Since our establishment in 2008, with our regular visits to collaborate with institutions in such countries, we have created a wide and growing network. We are now a brand. We not only support the students with initial processing until visa decisions but also do our best to provide high-quality services both at home and abroad. From choosing the right universities, processing applications, assisting in travel arrangements and accommodation, ministering during life in abroad are our cordial responsibilities. We are keen to help and care you in every step of your way. Once again, we would like to thank our students, well-wishers and our partner institutions in China, India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe for supporting us with their friendly cooperation, ingenuity, and suggestions. We look forward to serving you and desire whole-heartedly to be your assistance in your flourishing future. Wishing you all the success in life!

Monirul Hoque
Managing Director


At present, we are emphasizing our activities in China as an upcoming provider of an excellent education. We are currently working with some recognized Chinese universities. These universities are well known for their sound MBBS, BBA, BHM, and Engineering egrees those are popular among the students. Every year, a remarkable number of students are making their way to China through us to achieve their dreams. Our current partner universities in China are some of their prominent ones.

  1. Southern Medical University
  2. Jinan University
  3. Southeast Medical University
  4. Ningxia Medical University
  5. Zhengzhou Medical University
  6. Dali University
  7. Nanchang University
  8. Yunnan Technology and Business University
  9. Beijing Institute of Technology
  10. Southeast Forestry University
  11. Yunnan Minzhu University
  12. Kunming University
  13. Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


The answer to why you should choose China as your study destination
is plain and simple: China is the emerging future “big-gun” in the world education. Manifold programs and subjects are being offered by
Chinese universities for international students in contemporary time,
most of them are taught in English for the students’ conveniences. Here
are some popular programs in the universities there:

BACHELOR PROGRAM: Huge number of English taught programs are available in China. Study in China in different cities and province in different universities are cheaper in terms of cost in tuition fees and accommodation than the other country. In China, there are many worlds’
leading universities who provide huge facilities to the Bachelor program students.

MASTER PROGRAM: Master’s degree is an academic degree granted to an individual who has undergone study demonstrating proficiency or high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. This degree is located between a bachelor’s degree and doctor’s degree. Mostly two or three-year programs are offered by the universities in China. For maters, program different type of scholarship also offered like, CSC scholarship, University scholarship, etc. Ph.D.: Ph.D. degree is the highest academic level who showed the people who bear this title has reached the highest professional knowledge level. Generally, it is hard to get this degree, students need to pay more times and energies.


Normally, getting this degree will take about over three years in China.
China is providing the most attractive facilities to the doctoral students.
The Chinese government is providing a huge fund to the students to research.
Almost every Ph.D. subject is available in English. Student need the thesis to do
Ph.D. under a supervisor.
MBBS: MBBS is a popular course in China for international students. Every
year China has numbers of students from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan,
Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, and some other countries
as well to study MBBS program. To maintain the highest standards of quality,
the Chinese Ministry of Education has set up a quality control regulation on
medical education, especially focusing on English medium undergraduate
medical education. There are highly advanced super-specialty Medical
Hospitals attached to the Medical Universities, which provide excellently
clinical exposure to the students.
BUSINESS: Business administration degrees involve various aspects of
managing scarce resources in a business entity and supporting a business
by production/planning, decision making, project management as well as
allocating human resources and finances while, at the same time, carrying
out organizational goals, policies, and procedures. With China’s booming
the economy is the most interesting and useful place to study in the business
ENGINEERING: Engineering in China is becoming popular after medical
programs in China for international students. The programs field taught
in English is getting wider, such as Electronic Engineering, Electrical
Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical
Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Engineering,
Architecture, Software Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental
Engineering, Industry Engineering, Material Science and Engineering,
Petroleum Engineering, Marine Engineering, and Navigation Technology,
Network engineering, Power and Energy, Metallurgical engineering,
Vehicle engineering, Automobile service engineering, etc.


Do you want to study in developed Western countries? Do you want to get
education from one of the leading universities in the world? Here is what
we can offer you:
The UK has become one of the top destinations to study around the world.
The UK has the traditional excellence with the history of great culture over a hundred years. The UK institutions consistently rank among the best in the world and qualifications are internationally valued and recognized. United

Kingdom has much to offer international students that other English-
speaking countries cannot offer.

From the beginning to the present number of students in the USA rises as
more students are deciding to study there. United States is the place where
a student can broaden their life experiences, gain the best education, and
gather the expert knowledge to create a better career. In fact, the US is
now the most popular country for international students. The reasons why
growing numbers of students are fascinated by the education in the USA
are multifaceted.


• academic excellence
• variety of educational opportunities
• cutting-edge technology
• opportunity for research
• flexibility, support and services for international students
• global education and long-term career prospects
Every year, almost millions of students go for a European degree. Studying

in multicultural Europe may be the boost for your carrier. It offers world-
class education, research and lower tuition fee education comparing to

others countries. The education systems are well respected and aligned.
European countries are very much preferred for the students who want
to study in overseas universities.
• Europe offers world-class education and research
• a wide range of education options
• tuition fees are low
• easy to travel and discover the whole continent
• higher education systems
• can study in English


Image of Australia in our head is constituted with open spaces of outback bush kangaroos, clean water and clean air. As an English-speaking,
dynamic and multicultural country with full of cooperative and friendly
people, Australia has positioned at top of students’ destination for study

Canada, as a rich North American country, provides one of the best education at any level in contemporary time. Life is easier there with proper social setting and security. Enormous benefits Canada offers the
enthusiasts who want to make their way to the ‘Newfoundland’.


India is the second largest higher education destination of the Bangladesh
students. Study with minimum cost and globally recognized education
along with almost similar environment, society and culture are the main
driving force for studying in India. Some other specific ‘remunerations’
are also offered here to the students who want to go for an Indian degree.


WHEN TO START FOR CHINA: For Bachelor program in any subject MBBS,
BBA, Engineering there are two semesters that is Spring (March intake)
and Fall (September intake) HOW TO APPLY: Sangen’s Application System allows international applicants to apply for degree & non-degree programs to China’s universities. The deadline and application process for applying to universities is varying among different universities. It is better to star application as early as possible. Once you have submitted your application to us, please wait 2-4 weeks for the university to process your application.
When a university has decided, Sangen will notify you.