Southwest Medical University (Luzhou Medical College):

New Campus: Hong Xing Road, Long Ma Tan District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, P.R.China 646000

Southwest Medical University is a medical school located in Luzhou,Sichuan provinceP. R. China. The school was first established in 1951. The College spread over 1,044.000 sq meters houses a state of the art campus including within its sprawling structure a main building including 17 teaching hospitals.

For the past 53 years LMC has developed into a model of modern teaching, medical care and scientific research. It is a cradle for those students interested in the medical service of the world. There are 2,560 staff members among whom 520 are professors & associate professors. They are mainly working in the fields of Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and the two areas combined.

At present there are 13,416 students study in the university, including 294 international students, 503 postgraduate students, 11,876 graduate students and also some international students. The international students come from south Asian countries and the Chinese students come from 29 provinces.